Add a Lead or Contact to a Marketo Campaign In Salesforce

Delivering success with Marketo requires best practice knowledge and expertise for marketing automation teams. This ongoing Marketo Essentials series shares tips and expertise you can put to use in Marketo to do more and perform better.
With a few simple steps, you can enable sales reps to add a lead or contact to a Marketo campaign in Salesforce using Marketo Sales Insight. 

Why a sales rep would add a lead to a marketing campaign

Let’s say your sales rep talks to a marketing director at a financial services company. She is interested in product A but is early in the buying cycle. She only wants information (not a sales call) on product A at this time. Your sales rep knows that your email marketing nurture for product A is the best way to deliver information to her. The sales rep can add her to the Marketo nurture campaign for product A right inside Salesforce. Here’s how you do it. 

How to add a lead or contact to a Marketo campaign in Salesforce with Marketo Sales Insight

  • Verify Marketo Sales Insight is active in Salesforce
  • Setup the smart campaign in Marketo
    • Choose the “Campaign is Requested” trigger
    • Select “Sales Insight” from the menu
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add a lead to a Marketo campaign with Marketo Sales Insight

    • Set the flow step action(s) desired by sales 

Now go into Salesforce and find the lead or contact you want to add to a campaign in Marketo

  • Find the Marketo Sales Insight section and select “Add to Marketo Campaign”

add to Marketo campaign in Salesforce

  • Select the campaign and hit “Go”

That’s it! The campaign will be requested in Marketo and the record will run through the flow for that campaign.
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