Why You Need to Upgrade to Cognos Analytics Version 11.1.3

Resource constraints require Enterprise software customers to pick appropriate upgrade candidates from the stream of new versions that software vendors generate.  We advise our clients to select upgrade candidates carefully, and only when a version contains either significant new features with business impact or a substantial body of fixes that improves user productivity and rationalizes the cost of the update cycle.  From time to time, a version stands out and warrants our strongest recommendation for consideration as an immediate upgrade candidate.  Cognos 11.1.3 is such a version.

What Makes 11.1.3 Special?

Cognos Analytics 11.1.3 contains a rare combination of fixes and new features with a cumulative business impact that we don’t often see.

  • Fixes and Improvements to Report Authoring that Address Longstanding Complaints and are Terrific Enhancements to Developer Productivity
    • Pinned Toolbar
    • Copy/cut/paste items moved to head of the list tool items
    • Filter Dialog Greatly Improved 11.1.3
    • Copy/Paste Data Container Between Reports
  • New Features with Significant Business Impact
    • Share via Email – New Feature 11.1.3
    • Drill through from Dashboard Visualizations to Reports – New Feature 11.1.3
    • Dashboard Improvements
    • Explorations – New Feature 11.1
    • Artificial Intelligence Data Analysis – New Feature 11.1

What to Do?

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Contact our team to get a full featured demonstration and draw your own conclusions.  We are experts at helping manage the upgrade cycle, including installation, configuration, and training.

In addition to features and fixes, upgrades are a great time to deal with content issues like portal reorganization, unused content removal, security model analysis and modification, etc. that you may want to address at the same time.  We have decades of experience with tools that can help streamline the upgrade content migration process.

Contact us today to discuss.

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