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Perficient Digital Wins Gold dotCOMM Award for Cyber Security Site

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Perficient Digital prides itself on producing exceptional work that transforms clients’ digital platforms. Together with a leading cybersecurity company, Symantec, we worked on the design and development Perficient dotCOMM gold awardof which earned a gold dotCOMM award. Our submission included in-depth content and design strategy, along with consultation from our artificial intelligence (AI) team.

As Symantec’s award-winning portfolio grew and the company acquired several strategic technologies, Symantec needed to find a way to bring support for its products into one unified online experience. This involved consolidating multiple portals, knowledge bases, and other web properties, while refining the support experience to better meet end-users’ needs with enhanced features, functionalities, and workflows.

The company had two main goals: a redesign of its support portal and implementation of a virtual agent to further enhance the online support experience and provide tools to help customers help themselves. 

Our Work

Having partnered with Symantec on previous digital transformation projects, we created an evidence-based strategy and developed the new user experience with a design system to guide future design and development projects. The system includes a UI toolkit, branding guidelines, HTML and CSS library, Adobe Experience Manager components, and a governing UX design process. It will also help Symantec maintain consistency as the site continues to evolve.

We built the new, fully responsive and WCAG-compliant website using Adobe Experience Manager, and developed a new virtual support agent called Sami to help users easily find the information they need. With a unified user experience foundation, improved processes, and new technologies in place, Symantec can continue to explore opportunities to enhance the support experience for its users.

The Results

The new support site launched successfully in June 2019 and has received excellent customer feedback. Since its implementation of a virtual agent, Symantec has seen a reduction in phone channel usage and case abandonment. The company is able to improve its overall knowledge quality by analyzing the questions customers ask its virtual agent.

The innovative customer-centric strategy and usage of AI showcases advanced digital work in the industry and was recognized for this international competition by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP). We have been recognized previously with two platinum and one gold dotCOMM awards for our work with Gallagher Way, Marquee Sports & Entertainment, and CURT Manufacturing, respectively.

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