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Benefits of Application Modernization: Deliver Exceptional CX

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Whether you’re building new apps or modernizing legacy ones, cloud provides the agility and scalability your business needs to deploy faster and access advanced IT capabilities. Application modernization enables you to optimize data, accelerate business innovation, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Part three of this series explores how application modernization allows you to deliver exceptional customer experiences (CX) – something that is critical for every business.

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Delivering Exceptional Customer Experiences

Customer expectations are constantly evolving regardless of industry. These expectations don’t just come from direct competitors; they’re shaped by experiences from any industry. After all, if customers can see the exact location of an Uber car in real time, then why shouldn’t they be able to track their pizza delivery in the same way? These experiences and others are possible because of a cloud foundation and application modernization.

Customers of USAA can photograph both sides of the check, send the images through an app and then void the check.

Looking back, organizations considered to be early cloud adopters first transformed an isolated part of their business to create a differentiated CX. For example, USAA was the first bank to offer check deposits via its mobile app. However, this feature was unique for only a moment. Other banks quickly followed suit once they realized they could develop this capability on a cloud platform.

While some companies started small with enhanced experiences in one area, many have quickly realized they need to expand, innovate quickly, and scale their experiences. Additionally, businesses in certain industries such as financial services, healthcare, and manufacturing have traditionally been more cautious – for a number of reasons – when it comes to cloud adoption.

However, as cloud technologies mature, more companies within these industries are receiving executive mandates to modernize the business and keep pace with customer expectations.

Cloud makes it possible to deliver exceptional CX that is personalized, relevant, and engaging.

For example, cloud allows you to aggregate data in an easily accessible area and access and use information from multiple systems in one place. Implementing cloud services that directly improve CX allows you to turn data into insights with advanced analytics and embrace self-service and continuous delivery.

If you’re committed to establishing new and engaging experiences for your customers, optimizing business processes, and constructing new value, it won’t happen without cloud.

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