Perficient Doubles Year-Over-Year Heart & Stroke Walk Donations
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Perficient Doubles Year-Over-Year Heart & Stroke Walk Donations

People make the choice to volunteer for a variety of reasons. Some feel it opens the door to give back to their community and make a difference in the world around them. Others enjoy the opportunity it provides to develop new skills or build on existing experience or relationships. Ultimately, finding something challenging and rewarding to come together around provides the sense of unification we all intrinsically need (remember Maslow’s Hierarchy?).

Perficient Supports Heart Health with the American Heart Association

Participating in the 2019 Denver Heart & Stroke Walk, the American Heart Association’s premier local event for raising funds to save lives from this country’s number one and number five killers (heart disease and stroke, respectively), offered the opportunity to celebrate survivors of heart disease and stroke while helping raise important research funding and awareness.

Creating a New Kind of Teamwork

We are proud to share our colleagues raised $910 — double what they raised last year — that will go to help fund lifesaving research. 

We’d like to extend a thank you to those who all showed up to support Perficient’s dedication to the AHA and joined nearly 15,000 people at the annual Denver Heart & Stroke Walk on June 1 at Broncos Stadium at Mile High: Jerry Colwell, general manager; Bob McDowell, account developer; Ben Petersen, senior technical consultant; Edie Petz, lead business consultant; Laurie Zant, solutions architect; and Keri MacIntyre, senior solutions architect. Even Colby Broekemeier, project manager, who wasn’t able to attend the event still helped raise a considerable amount of funds!

The Heart & Stroke Walk provided Perficient’s employees a powerful feeling of unity and teamwork that is a touch different than the day-to-day collaboration provides:

  • “It was great to get out and get some exercise and support a great cause.” — Jerry Colwell, general manager
  • “I’ve known a lot of people, including my mother, who have had heart conditions. It was a wonderful day to come out and support the organization.” — Edie Petz, lead business consultant
  • “Too many of my family and friends and loved ones have been impacted by the disease. I was excited that Perficient was there to support all of those who are survivors and lost loved ones.” — Keri MacIntyre, senior solutions architect

Heart & Stroke WalkHeart & Stroke Walk





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Get Involved in the Heart & Stroke Walk

Since the inception of the Heart & Stroke Walk nationwide, mortality rates from cardiovascular disease and stroke have plummeted by 45 percent. Last year, because of events like the Heart & Stroke Walk, the AHA was able to provide $14.7 million for research in the state of Colorado.

With multiple ways to get involved with this lifesaving mission, there is room for your team to get involved, too — all over the country!

The AHA shares different ways to get involved here

Learn more about the American Heart Association’s lifesaving mission and how you can help them achieve it.

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