Acceptability Equals Mobility

Acceptability Equals Mobility

Out of Touch?

I was at a doctor’s office a few weeks back.  I thought it was strange that he brought in a laptop and was pulling up patient information from it.  It may not be strange to most, but it was for me.  I have grown used to seeing an in-office standup computer system or a tablet, both of which work with the needs of a constantly moving doctor’s office.  The laptop looked bulky, heavy, and really outdated, it just didn’t fit what I thought should have been in place for a business that has personnel running around throughout the day.

In today’s fast-paced world of data if you aren’t mobile on day one you’re already behind.  I have been working with Domo since 2015.  I remember back then they had just released an Apple version and soon the Android (or vice versa) app that could work with the solution.  That was four years ago.  I’m still amazed at companies that are spending time and money into building BI solutions that aren’t ready to be consumed by mobile devices on day 1.

Be Mobile From Day 1

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Would you be comfortable telling a CEO that “I know you’ve spent $50k this year on your BI/Data solution but give us a few more months and we’ll make it so you can see it on your phone”?  To me, if your solution isn’t ready for the fast-moving nurses, if it isn’t ready for the traveling sales teams, if it isn’t ready for the executives on the go, it just isn’t ready.  Why make the teams that need your important data have to work harder to get to it?

With Domo, the customizable dashboards you build for the desktop user is the same for the mobile.  They’ve now even gone so far as to let you see the ‘mobile’ look from your desktop if you’re worried about how something will render to a mobile user.

Why is this important?  Because more and more people work from home, work on the train, work in the coffee shop…and they don’t want to pull out a laptop to get their business done.  They now have the opportunity to share important charts with their co-workers from the app with ease.  So you got a big win or you want to show your company how awesome you’ve done with patient surveys, just share out the card to the company and let them see it.

Acceptability = Mobility

In today’s world, the buy-in for your Business Intelligence and Business Management solution will depend not only on the features it has, but where those features can be used.  The more adaptable your solution is to the ones that will use it, the better chance you have of it being accepted.  No matter how much money you spend on a solution, if the team using it doesn’t like it or it doesn’t fit their needs, they’ll ignore it.

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  1. Completely agree with you, mobility is a necessity today as one always needs to have access to all of his data and carrying laptops and finding data seems unprofessional and is a task. Very well explained !

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