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Boosting eCommerce Conversions 300% with Marketo Engage

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This is the first post in a four-part series sharing real stories of success in marketing automation. 
Nurturing your prospects with personalized emails can be a fast way to boost engagement and convert buyers. If your marketing automation platform is listening and capturing buyer engagement, then delivering an enticing offer when the buyer needs it can be pretty straightforward.
Here’s an example of how a simple, personalized email nurture boosted online conversions 300%. 
Rocky Mountaineer, the largest privately owned luxury tourist train company in the world, offers online booking for their luxury train travel. They noticed buyers were placing trips in their shopping carts, but not completing the trip purchase. They wanted to retarget them and bring them back to the website to finish booking the trip.

Three Personalized Email Offers

We developed an automated email nurture program in Marketo Engage to retarget the consumer. Here’s how it worked.
Shortly after the trip was abandoned in the cart, the consumer received a series of three highly personalized emails. Each email contained a targeted, persuasive call to action.

  • The first email pointed out that the customer’s luxury trip had not been booked and was still waiting for them. This created a sense of incompleteness.
  • The second email contained a limited-time promotional offer to encourage the buyer to return to the shopping cart as soon as possible. This created a sense of urgency.
  • The third email offered the complimentary services of a Vacation Consultant to help complete the booking. This removed the barrier of unanswered questions the buyer may have had while trying to book the trip.

Simple and Effective

Buyers responded quickly, at impressive levels with the offers. Rocky Mountaineer reported:

  • 300% boost in abandoned cart bookings
  • 430% click rate improvement
  • 128% year-over-year revenue growth

Personalizing with an email nurture does not have to be complicated. It takes a willingness to listen to your buyers and help solve their challenges with content and offers that meet their needs, at the exact moment they need it.
Want to learn more? Read the full Rocky Mountaineer success story.

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