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Benefits of Application Modernization: Accelerate Innovation

Accelerate business innovation with application modernization.

Whether you’re building new apps or modernizing legacy ones, cloud provides the agility and scalability your business needs to deploy faster and access advanced IT capabilities. When businesses modernize applications, it drives new processes and the necessary infrastructure that supports them. Application modernization enables you to optimize data, accelerate business innovation, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Part two of this series explores how application modernization empowers new ideas, workflows, and processes, which ultimately accelerate business innovation.

Accelerating Innovation

Getting to market quickly is increasingly important in today’s competitive, always-connected digital economy. In fact, Forrester predicts enterprises will move beyond cheap fixes and seek innovative app services to modernize their businesses. Cloud accelerates application development so you can go to market faster with new products, services, or capabilities.

True digital transformation requires cloud adoption. Establishing new and engaging experiences for your customers, optimizing your business processes, and constructing new value won’t happen without it.

Focusing on application modernization translates to updating your business processes. When you rethink processes, you can rebuild applications in new ways, breaking them up in different components that can connect to the customer sooner.

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Modernizing Applications

Designing applications for cloud focuses on modern designs, such as:

Function as a Service (FaaS)

FaaS allows developers to focus on the design, running, and management of applications without having to focus on building and maintaining back-end infrastructure.


Containers are a way to package, distribute, and run applications. They provide benefits such as speed, portability, availability, and simplicity.


Microservices is an architectural style of breaking up larger pieces of software into smaller pieces of code. This allows that code to run in an isolated manner, meaning individual parts of code can run independent of one another, enabling a more agile workflow.

Event Streams

Event stream processing allows for systems to automatically detect and adjust to business events in data streams. It also improves management of numerous data elements that aren’t stored in a persistent database.

Today’s approach to building applications is rapidly evolving from manually intensive releases to software-defined infrastructure and fully automated pipelines.

When you accelerate business innovation, you expand the boundaries of your business and can meet customers’ needs faster. Coming up next – learn how application modernization helps you deliver exceptional customer experiences.

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