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Perficient Latin America Team Spotlight: DevOps Engineer David Vasquez

Perficient Latin America Team Spotlight: Devops Engineer David Vasquez

Senior software developer and DevOps engineer, David Vasquez, sat down with us to talk about his experience at Perficient Latin America, his favorite thing about working at one of the leading software outsourcing companies in Latin America, and his advice to Perficient Latin America newcomers and recruits.

David Vasquez boasts almost eight years of experience with Perficient Latin America and more before that. Starting out as a software developer, he was quickly presented with a chance to expand his skill set to include management and development in Amazon AWS. He was also one of the first among the Perficient Latin America team to venture into DevOps when it was just a burgeoning discipline, helping to implement DevOps principles in multiple projects within the company. He played a significant role in achieving a 50% reduction in deployment time, as well as a 30% cut in architecture costs through the use of DevOps for one of Perficient Latin America’s projects.

In today’s video interview, David goes over his history at Perficient Latin America, what he finds most interesting about working at a nearshore software development firm, and what advice he’d give new Perficient Latin America employees.

?At Perficient Latin America, we do our best to continuously inspire our software outsourcing teams to reach their full potential. We do this by making sure our employees feel supported and encouraged to face challenges head-on and learn new skills, understanding that mistakes are necessary on the path to excellence and that it’s often necessary to ask for help from others to succeed. One of the most rewarding experiences comes from watching our employees—especially those new to the company or to specific disciplines—rise to the occasion, displaying remarkable abilities or proficiencies they might not have considered for themselves before.

In the next installment of our employee interview series, we share the story of David Vasquez, DevOps engineer and resident Amazon AWS expert at Perficient Latin America.

Seizing the Opportunity for Advancement in DevOps Outsourcing and More

Learning from Experience: How Perficient Latin America Promotes Professional Growth in Software Outsourcing

At Perficient Latin America, we don’t shy away from accepting our errors. We believe mistakes are learning opportunities, and, rather than sweeping them under the rug, they need to be addressed with full ownership and transparency. This kind of radical honesty allows us to avoid focusing on the negative, while at the same time understanding what went wrong and working proactively to remedy and avoid similar pitfalls in the future. As such, our employees are encouraged to own up to their mistakes without fear of retribution or punishment but to find support in their team members and colleagues in order to extract valuable lessons from these situations.

Likewise, Perficient Latin America likes to present its workers with challenges that will expand and enrich their skill set and worldview. Giving people the opportunity to try out new things, drive innovation and gain insight from roles different to their own allows Perficient Latin America to offer its clients and its community a comprehensive approach to software development outsourcing that makes its results and people world-class.

A Strong Knowledge Ecosystem for Software Development Outsourcing and Beyond

For employees like David, who are eager to learn more and are motivated to be better professionals every day, it’s important to be able to count on a robust employee development and training program. Perficient Latin America responds to this need through its robust training and continuous learning programs that include access to online courses in an array of soft skills and engineering disciplines (Scala, React, etc.), weekly lunch and learn sessions, multiple study groups for different subject matters (DevOps, Test Automation, Performance Engineering and more), and an entire digital library with educational materials and resources.

In the same vein, Perficient Latin America offers employees a way of managing and driving their own development processes through Lighthouse, the company’s proprietary skills management platform. Through this innovative platform, individuals can visualize their known skill sets, identify skills they can expand into and enhance, as well as request feedback from their coworkers to assess their proficiency levels. These processes allow the Perficient Latin America software outsourcing team to own their own development process, easily find guidance in their peers, and work towards their professional goals.

We are always looking for talented and driven individuals to join our teams. Apply today!


Interviewer: We’ve got one more interview for you today, and we have David with us. How long have you been at Perficient Latin America?

David Vasquez: I’ve been working at Perficient Latin America seven years now. I’m going for eight this year.

Interviewer: That’s great! Good! So, what are some of the biggest professional challenges you’ve faced while here at Perficient Latin America?

DV: It’s very interesting to tell my story because I started as a developer, and for whatever reason, I was trusted to learn everything about Amazon Web Services, and to design and to implement all the infrastructure where our new application was going to be developed.

Interviewer: What advice would you give to new Perficient Latin America employees?

DV: For a new— a fresh guy, who doesn’t know everything about the company, I will say to him or to her, come and show us what you can do, and explore what you can do. And, that’s what we like about our partners here in the company.

Interviewer: What’s your favorite thing about working at Perficient Latin America?

DV: What I find very interesting is how people share and how people are with each other. You know you find incredibly talented people just sitting at your side, and you can learn every day from them. And, they are also always asking you and making you a better person, a better developer, a better professional. So, all the time you’re challenged to be better.

Interviewer: Alright, well, thank you very much, David!

DV: Thank you, Maria!

Interviewer: Yes, it’s wonderful to talk to you!


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