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Cloud Adoption is Prevailing in Healthcare

This blog series highlights the benefits of cloud adoption in adoption

It wasn’t that long ago that healthcare organizations shunned the cloud due to the perceived immaturity of cloud vendors and concerns over the potential risk associated with a data breach. Fast forward to today, and the industry’s position on cloud adoption has pivoted significantly.

In fact, Becker’s points to the healthcare sector as a clear leader in cloud adoption with a reported 35% of healthcare organizations housing at least half of their data or infrastructure in the cloud, compared to 31% of energy and utilities companies, and just 18% of financial services organizations.

This shift in the industry’s perception of cloud enables both payers and providers to consider and evaluate their cloud strategy with a focus on transforming operating models and better responding to evolving consumer, clinical, financial, and regulatory needs.

Learn why cloud is prevailing in healthcare, along with key considerations and preparations to take when looking at cloud migration. You can download our guide here, or fill out the form below.

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Juliet Silver, General Manager, Corporate Operations, EMEA

Juliet has over 20 years of executive leadership in management consulting, IT, finance, and operations. She provides thought leadership backed by extensive experience in all strategy phases, including initial business visioning, strategy and roadmaps, ROI justification, and program execution. She leverages her cross-industry experience and management consulting and technology experience to support European clients in realizing their vision.

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