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Roles of the B2B Buying Journey: The Field Service Tech Resizeimage 70

Understanding the customer journey – and your internal team’s journey – is critical in B2B industries like manufacturing and distribution. You may find a field service technician at your own organization as an internal role, or he may be an external role with your customer. No matter the case, his journey is very important.
He’s out in the field, addressing issues and fixing products and often feels disconnected from others in his organization. It can be very frustrating when access to information is difficult for people not within the walls of his organization. He’s interested in accessing the content he needs to do his job, such as installation guides, manuals, and other content he can download to a mobile device for easy use.

An Excellent Mobile Experience

A field service technician is always on the move. He is often traveling from one location to another throughout the day, and he never knows what his schedule will look like. So it’s a wonder that 52% of service companies still do things manually with paper logs and checklists. He’s out in the field addressing issues with products or equipment, not sitting at a desk, so his mobile experience is vital. He doesn’t have time to log in to a website or call in for information – he wants to find what he needs and download it to his device.

The Right Information for the Right Job

The field service technician needs to know what equipment the customer has and what parts and information he might need for his day. He wants easy access to installation guides, manuals, and other product information without searching through multiple platforms. Since he’s on location most of the time, he needs to be able to download the information he needs to his mobile device.

Convenience is Key

As the field service technician goes about his day, he’s constantly fielding calls and dealing with unexpected issues. He may need to shift his priority quickly, and he needs the tools to do it. Providing a responsive experience that can keep up with his ever-changing schedule is key. He needs an easy way to locate products, check availability across multiple locations, and be able to choose the most efficient way to retrieve the items he needs based on his geographic location.

Interacting with the Field Service Technician

What He Does

  • Addresses issues with products and/or equipment in the field
  • Fixes problems as they come up, and may not have a lot of control over his day and where he will be from moment to moment
  • He may work for a manufacturer, distributor, or for a customer

What He Needs

  • Access to relevant information from his mobile device, including the ability to download content
  • The ability to use the tools at his disposal to scan a barcode or snap a picture for help ordering the right replacement part
  • An easy way to shift from an online mobile experience to a personal experience when he needs help
  • An easy way to locate product availability across warehouses based on his geographic location

Where You’ll Reach Him
He is usually out in the field addressing product and equipment issues. He is rarely sitting at a desk and thus relies on mobile devices more than most.
What You Can Provide to Make His Job Easier

  • An easy way to access information that relates to the equipment or products he is servicing
  • Complete and accurate product information including technical specifications, troubleshooting guides, and more
  • The ability to see product availability near to where he is and if it is available for pickup
  • A mobile app that allows him to narrow his search by scanning barcodes or snapping pictures

To learn more about the other roles involved in the B2B buying process and how you can improve their experience, check out our guide The People of the Manufacturing and Distribution Buyer Journey.

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