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Adobe Announces ABM Essentials for Marketo

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Adobe announced this week that Marketo Engage now offers ABM Essentials, a complete account-based marketing solution for marketers looking to elevate basic account-based programs into account-based experiences. This announcement comes three months after Adobe announced a partnership with Microsoft and LinkedIn to accelerate account-based experiences.
ABM essentials enables marketers with:
Account insights & profiling
Marketers can target key accounts by bringing data and artificial intelligence together in one place for account prioritization, scoring, list management, lead-to-account matching and persona targeting.
Contact discovery
Integrations with native ad networks, like the Microsoft and LinkedIn partnership mentioned above, allow marketers to engage with new and known contacts across paid media with integrated lead generation forms and account-based audience matching.
Cross-channel engagement
Marketers can elevate the account-based experiences they deliver with intelligent account nurture automation through native ABM engagement channels, campaigns and landing pages. Marketo Engage’s web personalization and predictive content capabilities allow marketers to automate personalized experiences at the account level while scoring and routing leads through the lifecycle modeler.
Sales and marketing coordination
Alignment with sales is even easier with coordinated sales playbooks, sales engagement filters and triggers, and activity insights at the account level.
Measurement and attribution
Demonstrate which programs are performing well with account-level dashboards, performance insights, full funnel engagement, pipeline and revenue reporting.
Marketo-approved integration tools and partners
ABM Essentials is ready for integration with 30+ strategic partners including LinkedIn, Drift, Bombora and Demandbase.
“The announcement is yet another sign of Adobe’s commitment to adding innovation to Marketo. As an Adobe Gold Partner and Marketo Platinum Partner, Perficient Digital is uniquely positioned to help marketers take full advantage of Adobe’s world-class marketing technologies.” said Andrew Hull, martech solutions practice leader at Perficient Digital. “Our clients are actively leveraging Marketo Engage to strengthen their account-based marketing initiatives.”

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