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Benefits of Application Modernization: Get Insights from Data

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A little over a decade ago, one of the world’s largest online retail brands launched a technology to support its business operations. Cloud computing (as it was called in 2006) was considered an emerging technology, and yet it spawned a revolution.

Which company is behind it all? You may have already guessed, but it’s Amazon.

Cloud is now the way of daily business for the majority of enterprises.

Nearly 60 percent of enterprises were moving processes to the cloud as of November 2018. That’s a 13 percent increase compared to 2015, when 47 percent of businesses moved to the cloud.

Cloud is the platform for business evolution because it provides agility and scalability. As a business or IT leader, you’re well aware of the advantages – faster deployment, scalability, and access to advanced IT capabilities.

When working with clients on cloud engagements, they continue to see significant benefits of application modernization. These include optimizing data, accelerating innovation, and delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Part one of this series explores how application modernization pays off to gain insights from your data.

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Turn Data into Insights

Data is crucial for fully understanding your customers and unlocking competitive advantages. Collecting customer data is a good start, but it’s not enough. Having actionable information makes data a valuable asset for your business.

However, data is a source of frustration and concern for many companies. Two fundamental challenges that we’ve observed with our clients:

  1. Data is often siloed, making it difficult to access across the organization.
  2. Data tends to be disconnected between various points and systems.

Building new applications that drive insights from data will help differentiate your business from the competition. Your company also needs a data strategy that aligns with your cloud adoption plans and digital transformation goals.

Developing this strategy requires sitting down with your architects, infrastructure team, and developers. You must identify:

  • Where to place data
  • How to securely access it
  • Who is responsible for gathering and consolidating data across the enterprise

This conversation leads to how you will set up your development processes to build new applications across multiple platforms. Coming up next – learn how application modernization accelerates business innovation.

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