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AI and New Collar Jobs

New collar jobs allow humans to coexist with AI

Gartner stated that AI will create 2.3 Million jobs in 2020, while eliminating 1.8 Million. In my previous blog, “AI Adoption and How to Thrive in 4th Industrial Revolution“, I had written about the importance of humans to co-exist with AI or jeopardize their jobs. Gartner had confirmed this by calling AI a “positive job motivator” for a number of new jobs in healthcare, public service, manufacturing, and customer service. In addition, organizational leaders have been adamant on investing in AI capabilities projecting net increase in new skillsets that will create a significant competitive advantage to their bottom line.

Jobs are typically categorized as either white collar or blue collar,but Ginni Rometty (CEO, IBM) introduced a new type of job called the new collar job. These are jobs in the technology industry, Robot powered by AI interacts with humans.especially in the AI field. The idea behind new collar workers isn’t to have people who are skilled or educated in this industry. It’s to provide an opportunity for workers from all industries, backgrounds, and skillsets to get trained and use AI to its fullest potential.

New Collar Jobs Act

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In the United States, the New Collar Jobs Act was released by representatives Ted Lieu (California), Matt Cartwright (Pennsylvania), and Ann McLane Kuster (New Hampshire) in July, 2017. The act sought to provide scholarship funding and debt relief for individuals who study cybersecurity and take up cybersecurity roles, as well as establishing tax breaks for employers that offer cybersecurity training. At one time, even offered insight into the types of jobs that would be considered new collar which included pharmacy technician, cloud administrator, service delivery analyst, and cybersecurity architect.

AI Today

One should acknowledge the fact that almost everything around us already has AI embedded into it. Think of Alexa, Siri, Google Home, Nest, Gmail auto populating a statement based on what you are trying to say, and detecting cancer anomalies. In addition, robo-employees are getting tested on a daily basis with new use cases. Think of Ford Motor Company partnering with start up company Agility Robots to create a Delivery Bot or even Robots in Amazon’s warehouse, or the amazing Boston Dynamics robots in many parts of manufacturing. What is also important to acknowledge is that these robots do what they are told to do and humans are the ones who train them and solve problems when these robots are in a tight spot of decision making.

Upgrade Your Skills

So please consider these three paths as well as the above
·         Upgrade your own skillset with the new world order
·         Hire new knowledge workers that can help your organization differentiate itself from the pack
·         Hire a consultant, such as Perficient, to help digitally transform your organization

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