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[Guide] Unlock Your Potential with Application Modernization

Business leaders feel increasing pressure to drive innovation. Digital trends, escalating customer expectations, and the rise of startups born in the cloud are among the reasons.

No industry is immune to these dynamics. Businesses must evolve to succeed, which is why so many organizations opt for digital transformation.

Cloud technologies fuel an increasing amount of digital transformation initiatives. And while cloud isn’t the ultimate goal of transformation, it provides speed, innovation, and scale to re-imagine business in the digital age.

The global cloud computing market, including cloud platforms, business services, and SaaS, will exceed $200 billion in 2019 – still growing at more than 20% CAGR.

Defining Cloud for Today’s Environment

Cloud is no longer a place, nor is it purely viewed as a deployment model. And yet, defining cloud in absolute terms is difficult – as the technology evolves, so does the definition.

Let’s provide some clarity and define cloud within the context of today’s landscape. Cloud is a collection of infrastructure and development services used to create platforms that enable rapid business transformation.

Application modernization is one aspect of cloud adoption and includes:

  • Cloud-native development
  • Migration of legacy core business apps
  • Replacement with software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications
  • DevOps – CI/CD automation
  • Application integration
  • Replatforming and infrastructure transformation

Application Modernization: One Path to Cloud Adoption

Business and IT leaders aren’t questioning if they should embrace cloud technologies. Instead, they’re focusing on how to leverage cloud.

Because of this mindset, application modernization is a growing area of focus. This approach ultimately drives new processes and the necessary infrastructure that supports them.

Explore this aspect of cloud adoption in our most recent guide Unlock Your Potential for Application Modernization. You’ll learn how application modernization can support an end-to-end business transformation. Topics include:

Learn more about app modernization through this ongoing series (or read the guide) to see how you can propel your business with cloud.

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