Three Perficient Trailblazers Share: Why Trailhead?

Three Perficient Trailblazers Share Why They Love Salesforce and Trailhead

We are here to dispell the myth: Salesforce is not just for sales folks and Trailhead is not just for Salesforce folks!

As we continue to expand and develop our own Salesforce org at Perficient, people all across the organization are getting a more up close and personal experience with Salesforce. This has increased the exposure to a key reference point in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Of course you can learn how to become a Salesforce Admin (yes, the training is free), but there’s so much more this learning platform offers. If you’ve never been there, see why these three Perficient employees all took the initiative to develop their skillset because they knew it would help them better serve their company, their teams, and themselves.

Sean Thurston, Client Support Technician

I first heard of Salesforce from my wife who works for World Wide Technology as a Salesforce Analyst. I honestly had no idea what Salesforce was, but I knew it was something that my wife had developed a great career with.

I started using Trailhead because I wanted to develop my own career but I wasn’t sure where exactly to focus my efforts and have had a great experience so far.

There’s really no other training platform out there quite like it. The badge and rank system make learning fun and addictive. There is no limit to what you can learn and achieve in Salesforce through Trailhead. Within months of beginning my training with Salesforce through Trailhead I have absolutely helped my company with our own implementation of a Salesforce org.

I love learning technology so everything I’ve learned about Salesforce is interesting its impossible to pick just a few things. One really cool thing my wife had turned me on to this organization called Vetforce. It helps Military Veterans get trained on Salesforce and eventually certified and potentially hired in Salesforce jobs. I definitely intend to advance my career with Salesforce and Trailhead will be a key part of that.

Travis Hupp, Desktop Deployment Technician

I’m using Trailhead with the goal to become a Salesforce Admin. I first heard of Trailhead from a fellow colleague only about two months ago. Like a lot of people, I wasn’t exactly sure what Salesforce was at first, honestly.

So far my experience has been extremely pleasant! As I experimented with Trailhead, I was extremely impressed with the detailed and well thought out labs and knowledge it provided.

I already feel like I’m getting ahead in my career by using Trailhead. Some of the most interesting things I’ve learned is about migrating data and creating users. I believe Trialhead can really help with the large amount of information that is provided during the labs and demo videos.

I will definitely be using Trailhead from now on for training. As I speak with other colleagues to see what their career paths are, I will definitely reference Trailhead.

Ben Shattuck, Digital Marketing Coordinator

I heard about Salesforce as an intern at TD Ameritrade. I thought it was a great platform to manage workflows and cases. Super intuitive and powerful!

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Make Salesforce Stick

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I’m using Trailhead to better my career and to learn a new skill. It’s a fantastic learning platform. Super fun! The points really keep you coming back for more.

Trailhead helps by keeping me on track to learn. In a sense, it’s an accountability partner that entices you (points) to elevate your career to the next level. If that makes sense.

Three of my favorite things about Salesforce and Trailhead:

  • Salesforce molds to fit every and any type of business
  • Dashboards can serve each and every department within your organization from HR to Sales and Marketing.
  • You can pretty much track anything imaginable

I will definitely keep using Trailhead and encouraging others to explore and blaze their own trail!


Begin Your Own Trailhead Journey

What are you waiting for? Trailhead offers content for everyone — no Salesforce required. 

Learn Privacy and Data Protection Law – Learn about laws and regulations for collecting personal data, using it, and protecting privacy.

Business Value of Equality – Understand the societal and business value of having a diverse, inclusive workforce.

Accountability & Delegation – Master these dual skills to lead your team to success and maximize your impact.

Artificial Intelligence Basics – Learn what AI is and how it will transform CRM and the customer experience.

Coaching & Feedback – Get practical tools and guidance on coaching your team.

Accessibility Basics -Learn why it’s important to make technology accessible to everyone.

Hiring Practices for Sales Teams -Learn interview techniques to identify the best sales talent for your company.

Advanced Territory Management -Learn advanced skills for managing territories, including performance considerations.

Alignment with Your Manager -Learn how to align with your manager and why it’s important for you and your team.


Get Started HERE! Visit Trailhead



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