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Oracle Enterprise Management Updates

Oracle’s Recent Enterprise Data Management Updates

The recent updates for Oracle’s Enterprise Data Management platform offers a few new features to be aware if considering implementing the tool. Inclusion of Financials Cloud General Ledger Users can now manage descriptive flexfields (DFFs) for Financials Cloud General Ledger. Descriptive flexfields can be registered for Financials Cloud General Ledger applications and/or segments. The registration […]

Working Together

The Role of a CDO Should Not Be Technology Oversight

Whether the title is “Chief Digital Officer,” “VP of Digital,” or any other flavor of ‘digital’ at the executive leadership level, an organization should make sure the responsibilities of this role are not focused on technology, but on culture and change management. These roles should focus their efforts identifying and supporting the cultural changes needed […]

change management

Auto Cache in Sitecore: What is it and How to Implement it

When building Sitecore implementations one thing you must always think of is: What is the cache strategy and how it will be implemented? For example will html cache be set in standard values of templates? What is the size of database cache? What about prefetch cache? Here at Perficient we always take these questions into […]

Break the Tug-of-War Mindset with Polarity Management

Is it possible to serve two masters? According to ancient wisdom, we can only serve one master at a time. Otherwise, we will hate one and love the other. However, my manager often reminds me that by the nature of our work as external consultants in a publicly traded company, we must serve two masters. Our first master […]

Propertylist Resized

PropertyList with Updated Image Support

I recently encountered a challenge with an existing solution to using images in a PropertyList in Episerver. The implementation initially being used was based on the solution created by Grzegorz Wiecheć, which didn’t work for us. The use case for my project involved multiple images per item in the list, and sometimes the image property […]

Building a Community with Engaging Content and Killer Design

Vlocity, a Forbes Cloud 100 company and strategic Salesforce ISV, provides industry-specific cloud and mobile software that embeds digital, omnichannel processes for customer-centric industries. Vlocity’s cloud and mobile applications transform customer processes and experiences in the communications and media, insurance and financial services, healthcare, energy and utilities, and government and nonprofit industries. A Disjointed Community […]

Oracle Analytics Summit 2019 – Making It Easy for the Customer

On Tuesday of this week I attended the invitation only, 1st annual Oracle Analytics Summit at the Skywalker Ranch just outside of San Francisco. It was held in a beautiful location and was attended by customers, partners and industry press personnel. At the Summit Oracle introduced new analytics products and announced plans to simplify the […]

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Top 3 Enhancements for EPM Automate

The May 2019 update for Oracle’s EPM Automate utility includes some key features to be aware of… Support for Mac OS — The utility can now be installed on Mas OS computers. Execute multiple instances from the same directory — The utility now supports executing multiple instances against a cloud environment from the same directory. […]

Roles of the B2B Buying Journey: The Direct Sales Rep

Understanding the customer journey – and your internal team’s journey – is critical in B2B industries like manufacturing and distribution. A direct sales representative works for a manufacturer and represents only that organization. Her role is to meet with customers, support the distribution channel, and sell her organization’s products. It is very common for the […]

Change Management discussion around whiteboard

Plan for Sustainable Change Management from the Start

I was watching the new Creed II movie, and in the film, an aged Rocky Balboa slowly climbs the same museum steps that he famously ran up and cheered at the top of in the iconic Rocky movie scene years ago. After he struggles to make the final steps, he celebrates that he’s still able […]

supply chain people talking about change

How to Embrace Change in Supply Chain with Minimal Impact

In our previous blog, Identifying Signature Supply Chain Processes and Technology, we discussed the importance of identifying the right supply chain processes and technology that make the most business sense for your organization. In this blog, we will discuss how change plays a vital part in your supply chain 4.0 journey. More specifically, how to […]

Healthcare Fundraising in the Digital Age

Non-profit hospitals are increasingly dependent on grassroots based fundraising to help meet their research and patient care goals. Digital fundraising is essential to a successful overall fundraising strategy in 2019. But the touchpoints of a digital fundraising strategy are very different from typical donor relations. As a non-profit healthcare organization, it is essential for development […]

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