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Perficient Latin America Team Spotlight: Sebastian Velez

Perficient Latin America Team Spotlight: Sebastian Velez

Companies across the tech industry need to be especially attentive to the latest developments in technologies. The world of fast-paced developments demands even the smallest organizations remain flexible and open to innovation, bringing together the best in software development practices and cutting-edge tools to reach new heights.

As offshore software development becomes a more integral part of the software development process, with companies from around the world recruiting the best software engineering talent from a pool that’s best described as “global”, industry leaders need to realize that their software outsourcing partners need to be just as, if not more, tech-savvy and knowledgeable about the different technologies available to achieve their business goals.

 We recently sat down with Sebastian Velez, Head of Technology at Perficient Latin America, to discuss the new developments coming in 2019 for .NET technologies, and how they stand to affect the technology landscape moving forward. This framework is set to influence a wide array of applications, from Web and mobile to Windows-based applications, and can run on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

An Offshore Software Development Company’s Perspective on .NET Opportunities

Sebastian weighed in on the new potential applications and opportunities to leverage .NET technologies, as well as Perficient Latin America own journey implementing them. He emphasized the company’s long trajectory and vast experience surrounding state-of-the-art technologies, foray into geolocation services development, and other .NET-enabled developments that speak to Perficient Latin America technological maturity and recognized technical talent and reliability.

Likewise, Perficient Latin America’s commitment to mastery and transparency make it a valuable nearshore outsourcing partner. Aside from a sincere desire to keep learning, keep innovating and keep reaching new levels of expertise, Perficient Latin America’s employees are deeply committed to helping others rise and making a positive impact on society. As a nearshore software outsourcing partner, Perficient Latin America and its team of seasoned experts take their client’s objectives as their own and work to continuously elevate the levels of quality of each and every project, identifying opportunities for innovation and improvement, and working in tandem with the client to make the changes necessary to achieving groundbreaking software development.

Discover Perficient Latin America experience with .NET outsourcing solutions, Sebastian’s thoughts on the future of .NET and why clients stand to gain a wealth of knowledge and experience in partnering with Perficient Latin America in the interview below:


Interviewer: Okay, we’re sitting down to talk to Perficient Latin America’s Sebastian Velez, Head of Technology. So, what are the new things that are gonna be happening in 2019?

Sebastian Velez: So, for 2019 I think there are three key trends: first is .Net core. I think for new developers and new companies that want to start up a new product in .Net, Net core is key. The fact that you can create container-based applications with it, that you can run in Linux, and as a standard, it has emerged as a very good option.

The second, I think, Azure has a very good maturity level right now, but we’re seeing this evolve. We’ve been seeing more services from Azure being integrated with .Net based languages, C# and so on. From a cognitive service, it’s really key.

I think that can be the last one. AI has been—is a very important capability that any organization may have, and in .Net we see that there are many initiatives like ML Net or machine learning .Net, and bringing cognitive services and so on to integrate more closely with the .Net ecosystems, different AI tools that exist in the market.

So, I can think of those three more; Azure-based content, AI, and .Net core for sure.

Interviewer: So, what about Perficient Latin America’s projects with .Net—Are they addressing any of those issues?

SV: From Fortune 500 companies that we work with on very enterprise software key for the core aspects of their industries, startups that we have done. We have done really good marketing related software in .Net for the startups in the United States, geolocation-based software… we are working with routing systems and so on, that’s in .Net technologies, and many other ones… Even… Also, like, Latin American government projects. So, we have a very vast experience and I think that kind of diversity in types of project is key, as well, to provide us a good sense of maturity to tackle on your most complex challenges.

Interviewer: Why should clients seek out Perficient Latin America for their .Net needs?

 SV: I think Perficient Latin America focuses a lot on quality and engineering practices in general. Perficient Latin America focuses a lot on, I don’t know, techniques from automated testing, continuous delivery, it can be from TDD, many others, that we use in all kind of projects, especially in .Net ecosystem. The idea is to bring you maintainability and productivity over time. So, what that means is that we don’t only know the technologies, we also have a good experience on how to make complex software in the right way.

Ready to bring your .NET projects to new heights? Call Perficient Latin America.

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