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Behind the Scenes of Implementing Financial Services Cloud

Implementing New Tech for Financial Services

The financial services industry has a few extra things to look out for when implementing new technology than other organizations. Between evolving regulations and compliance requirements, having a tool that can grow with you is increasingly important, especially when everything seems to be moving to the cloud.

Creating an Environment for Change

Buckingham Strategic Wealth implemented Salesforce Financial Services cloud with Perficient and shares their perspective on how things went and the critical role change management played in the presentation below.

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“We know project success is dependent on two things: getting the technology right (which is not the hard part) and driving user engagement and adoption.” — David Chapman, Organizational Change Management Chief Strategist

To learn the exact steps taken to ensure adoption and accomplish ROI with this dynamic project, watch the full webinar Perspectives on a Salesforce Financial Services Implementation and then check out why financial institutions of all types turn to Perficient for their Salesforce needs in our Financial Services industry expertise.

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