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3 Management Consulting Solutions I Learned from Coaches

With many years of experience being coached and observing all types of youth, high school and college coaches, I identified some key points that I apply to my work life in management consulting.

Sports are a big part of my life, and the lives of my kids. I was a swimmer and a water polo player in high school and for a couple of years in college. My son’s chose their own sporting paths. This year I have a collegiate soccer player, a youth soccer player, and two high school lacrosse players. One will play in college next year and one who doubles as a tennis player as well.

This blog series will cover three management consulting solutions I learned from those coaches, that I apply to my work life in management consulting.

  1. Engagement: Getting in Deep to Inspire Your Team
  2. Give the Inexperienced Folks a Shot
  3. The Humble Manager

I’m looking forward to sharing my experiences with you.

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Brock Gustafson

Brock has been with Perficient since 2015 and works in the Management Consulting practice, where he helps Cable Broadband and Telecommunications companies solve complex business problems. He is married and has four sons, two of which are in "college" at U.S. Service Academies. He loves spending his free time traveling, trying new restaurants, and watching his sons' sporting events.

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