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The Future of AI-Powered Service with Coveo for Salesforce

Coveo for Salesforce Customer Agents

Neil Kostecki, a Senior Product manager with Coveo, spoke about how Coveo is powering customer service with AI-Powered Service. Coveo for Salesforce is a specialized version of Coveo’s search and knowledge intelligence platform that integrates directly into Salesforce Service Cloud.  This product allows service agents to quickly find knowledge articles relevant to satisfying a customer’s inquiry and then connecting that article to the customer case. In addition, Coveo aims to deflect calls by providing relevant results to customer using support sites, chatbots, and mobile apps.

Why does relevance matter

Neil described two different experiences related trip to the Coveo Impact 2019 Conference.  The shuttle service that took Neil to the airport didn’t have a mobile app or track data about Neil.  So they don’t know a lot about Neil’s preferences, etc. Naturally, Neil’s experience wasn’t great. On the opposite end of the scale is what happened after arriving at the airport at the end of his trip.  Neil chose to get a ride to his hotel through Uber.  Uber knows a lot about Neil, where he is, what he typically uses for the service.  So unlike the first driving experience, Uber delivered a great experience.

This story illustrates the fact that customers expect you to consistently tailor their experience across every channel. However, there are typically silos between customer service or support and customer experience platforms.  Customer support leaders tend to focus on the channel they own, which is not usually the channel used by the customer for most of their journey.

Roadmap for 2019

For the Coveo for Salesforce product, Coveo is focusing on the following areas for 2019.

  • Enhanced AI for Agents
  • Unified Experiences
  • Lightning Innovation

The section below highlights the features that Coveo expects to deliver relative to the themes listed above.

Feature Overview

Here are new features coming out this year:

  • Lighting User Actions – coming this summer. It will understand the user journey before case submission. Identify potential content gaps or missing context. Leading to increased Agent Adoption
  • Viewed by Customer Icon – also coming this summer – overlays user activities directly on relevant search results. Provides agents with immediate insights on usage. Easily filter to clicked results by clicking an icon
  • Create Article Button – this summer – encourages knowledge article creation
  • Recommendations – coming in winter 2019 – ML Powered recommendations based on previous user actions. Increase engagement and reduces bounce rates. Drag-n-drop using Lightning Community Builder
  • Attached Results Suggestions – coming in winter 2019 – Solve faster using content that was previously used together. Improve the frequency and quality of attaching over time. Derive insights from attachments.

More information about Coveo for Salesforce is available on their website: Coveo for Salesforce

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