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Sundog Becoming Perficient: From 100 to 3,500 Teammates

“Becoming Perficient.” That phrase has made its way into a lot of conversations in hallways and IM chats around our offices over the past 10 days. Learning that your company – a company that you are excited and proud to be a part of – has been acquired is a big deal.

It’s suddenly an even bigger deal when you realize that within the next week you’ll have 3,500 colleagues rather than 100. 20 offices rather than 2. Dozens of technologies rather than a handful.

Reflecting on Our Roots

Do you remember the episode of the Brady Bunch when Mike and Carol got married in their backyard with their respective kids by their side, decked out in the grooviest 70s polyester fashion? It feels a lot like that, but with fewer bell-bottoms and more Converse All-Stars (thank goodness). It feels like we suddenly have a bunch of cool new siblings, a rad new house, and tons of toys we get to start playing with. Are we going to miss the house we built over 23 years? You bet. If we didn’t love it, if we weren’t a bit sentimental about this change, it would mean the house we built wasn’t that great. But our new home is going to give us room to grow, opportunities to learn, a chance to spread our wings, and a bigger family to have fun with…because if marketing isn’t fun, you’re doing it wrong.

An Exciting First Day

On May 22, in both Minneapolis and Fargo, we watched the livestream of our new Perficient leadership team ringing the closing bell at the Nasdaq. And we raised our cans of LaCroix in a toast to the years of fun we’ve had together, in the amazing house we helped build at Sundog, and to the great big adventure we’re embarking on today with our 3,500 new siblings.

Here we go!

Apply now for these Fargo based roles:

Project Manager

Software Engineer

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Megan Jenson, Senior Digital Marketing Strategist

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