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Welcome to the Collaboration Economy. Is Your Business Ready?

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From Sharing Economy to Collaboration Economy

Whether you’ve booked a rideshare car service, stayed in a stranger’s empty room on vacation, or found Fido a new home away from home, there’s a good chance you’ve witnessed the sharing economy. It’s this growing business trend that is beginning to impact the way businesses run for not only customers, but employees.

Welcome to the Collaboration Economy

A collaboration economy happens within organizations when the brand is built to give employees the freedom, tools, and community support they need to succeed and perform to the best of their individual abilities, leaning into each others’ strengths and filling in for each others’ weaknesses.

Employing a collaborative mindset amongst teams allows each member to play to their strengths. Having a place where employees can access the information they need and have documented communication to discuss projects (and even just stay connected) from any location, from any device, at any time is crucial to allowing teams to perform to the best of their ability. Employees already have this access as customers of brands and increasingly expect their employers to keep up.

Yeah, But What About Reality?

While this sounds very nice and pretty, the ugly truth is many brands have a hard time doing within the constraints of their business.

It’s important to note that often those constraints are not always due to out of sync employees and leadership as many stories love to paint the picture of. For example, even brands with the best intentions can be hurdled with bureaucratic structures that cause bottlenecks that hinder the spreading of important information that needs to be delivered in real-time. An employee community allows the designated owner of that announcement to disperse it to the exact people who need to know at the exact time, saving email overload and providing a singular place to find relevant company updates.

On-Demand Access is Now the Norm

Online communities in all forms (employee, partner, customer) have increasingly become more popular in recent years as the adoption of technologies like social media, web, and mobile have become our primary forms of communication. From work to play, people expect quick and accurate information across all channels at all times.

Should I Own or Should I Rent?

An online community is a gathering of people interacting and collaborating toward a common goal. Facebook and LinkedIn are commonly known as social networks but are also examples of open communities. While there are reasons for companies to have a presence on these social channels, many brands lack the social listening capabilities to properly monitor and control the brand.

Companies looking to build an online community have their own properties, business processes, branding, and member data much of which is proprietary. While social networks have their value, owned online communities provide a more governed and flexible environment for brands to enable and engage with members based on a company’s objectives.

Create Employee Collaboration with Salesforce Community Cloud

Salesforce Community Cloud is a leading platform for helping employees engage, find, and share information in a managed, secure way. Community Cloud enables organizations to put people first. It provides democratization of how information is distributed online, removing responsibility (while retaining control) and providing everyone timely access to information.  

Who Is Best at Implementing Salesforce Community Cloud?

As an experienced systems integrator and trusted implementation partner, we’ve delivered more than 3,000 successful Salesforce engagements. We were an early adopter of Community Cloud and have deployed more than one hundred Salesforce community projects for brands like OpenTable, GoPro, Iron Mountain, Constant Contact, Intuit, Bridgepointe, Vlocity, and more.

See Salesforce Success Stories

Our combined expertise with the Salesforce platform and years of experience delivering cloud solutions enables us to provide a proven methodology, reusable assets, and solution accelerators to jump-start your success implementing Salesforce Community Cloud.

Learn more about how your workplace could be positively impacted by an employee community.

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