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Positive Physician Outlook for AI in Diagnostics

As artificial intelligence (AI) emerges in healthcare around the world, more studies and reports are being produced around the (well-deserved) hype. A recent study by Nature considers the outlook of AI-based diagnostic platforms from a physician perspective. Results from the study indicate positive views on the use of AI in healthcare.

Physicians worldwide have generally positive attitudes towards the use of artificial intelligence in healthcare, according to nearly 500 pathologists practicing in 54 countries.

An article by Healthcare IT News highlights several results of the study:

  • Nearly 75% of physicians reported interest or excitement in AI as a diagnostic tool to improve workflow and quality assurance in pathology
  • Approximately 66% thought that AI could increase diagnostic efficiency
  • Only around 22% felt AI tools would be relatively intuitive, with little training required
  • 80% expect the introduction of AI in pathology laboratory to arrive within the coming decade


Although the report shows enthusiasm for the use of AI as a diagnostic tool in pathology practice, it also notes a few concerns around AI including, job displacement or replacement, legal implications from regulatory and malpractice standpoint, and training requirements. However, most physicians envision the eventual implementation of AI-tools as decision support tools used by a human diagnostician – not in place of a human.

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