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Why Savvy Healthcare Marketers Are Using Dynamics 365

Hospital Marketing

Implementation of keen healthcare marketing strategies require the right tools. Healthcare organizations face mounting competition for patient loyalty, must continuously find ways to set themselves apart while enhancing engagement and delivering impactful outreach programs. Further complicating matters, consumers today expect you to know them and offer personalized communications and to deliver the right message, in the right place, at the right time (patient personalization).

Personalized messages have 46% higher open rates and 112% higher click-through rates than “business as usual” marketing messages. Active Trail


And not surprisingly, there has been an explosion of consumer relationship management (CRM) technology in the healthcare industry. Today’s savvy healthcare marketers are leveraging integrated marketing automation and CRM systems to deliver a superior consumer experience – and they are implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing.

The global healthcare CRM market is expected to reach $28.89 billion by 2026. Statistics Market Research Consulting


Here’s why: Microsoft Dynamics 365 weaves together data and relationship building to deliver intelligent patient engagement and communications – that are proactive, predictive and personal. It allows healthcare marketers to elevate brand presence, personalize outreach communications, as well as to track and analyze engagement.

Dynamics 365 enables Hospital Marketers to:

  • Efficiently create graphical email messages and online content
  • Design interactive consumer journeys to nurture patients with personalized experiences
  • Organize and publicize events by keeping all event information in one place
  • Analyze campaign data and insights to improve future interactions and communications

… and more.

Learn six tips for using Microsoft Dynamics 365 with our new guide Engaging Healthcare Consumers with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing.


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