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Episerver Widget Resources

Recently I have been building more components and widgets in Episerver, which subsequently led to quite a bit of time researching and trying to find references to labels and text being used in widgets.
I began to compile a list so that I wouldn’t need to dig the next time I needed them. And that’s when I realized other people are probably looking for the same resources!
You can find my list of Episerver resources for text, labels, and styles in this post. In addition to providing this list of resources, I will explain another important question: “Why am I using these resources instead of simply putting labels or text in the Dojo widget?” The simple answer is that they make your widget much friendlier to users who don’t speak your native language.
While researching helpful resources, I also came across the Episerver style guide. Episerver has made their UX Style Guide available to developers to reference as needed and I’ve found it very helpful, especially when I want to keep custom elements in line with the Epi UX when working on components and widgets.
So go check out the resources. Then comment below and share your helpful information!

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