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#AdobeChat Recap: CX and Digital Transformation

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There are certain things that are better together. Just like cookies taste better with a glass of milk, customer experiences are always better with digital transformation.
During the most recent #AdobeChat, we discussed CX and digital transformation with special guest Brian Solis. Here are some of the highlights:

What’s the problem with thinking CX and digital transformation are independent?

CX is formed by every experience a customer has with a brand. Since most of these experiences are digital, digital transformation is a critical factor in creating a positive CX. It’s easy to focus on using technology to extract information. But it’s important to also look at how we can use it to create and deliver value.

Why must organizations do deep work to meet the demands of the future?

What are the deep issues keeping organizations from succeeding in CX?

This question also brought up how important people are in creating a positive CX.

How can organizations develop the culture needed for digital transformation?

The bottom line is that digital transformation is crucial to creating and delivering a positive CX. There were so many great takeaways from our conversation, and you can check out the full conversation on the Adobe Experience Cloud twitter page. Comment below and share your favorite moments with us.

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