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Anthos, building your cloud ecosystem

Google Cloud building

Google Next 2019, where 30,000 tech enthusiasts descend on the streets of San Fran to learn, promote and embrace what Google Cloud has to offer. Google cloud is steadily gaining momentum in cloud space and is now the third largest cloud services provider in the world. Google’s engineering team understands the complexities of a rigid IT setup let alone modernizing it on the cloud. As cloud computing is proliferating, the app teams are still asking this question – why “Write once, run anywhere” is still a myth?

During Next 2019 first Keynote session Googlers took an affirmative step to burst this myth and introduced “ANTHOS” to the tech community. Anthos is Google Cloud’s new open platform that lets you run an app anywhere in a simple, flexible and secure environment. Built on the foundations of open source, which Google itself is a pioneer at, Anthos lets you run applications unmodified on on-prem hardware or any other public cloud. Built on “Cloud Services Platform”, that Google announced last year, Anthos steps up the game for hybrid or multi-cloud strategy with one core focus in mind “Write once, run anywhere”.  One of the interesting facts about Anthos is that it is a 100% software-based solution with open APIs that makes its adoption standardized and easy to use.

So what is Anthos comprised of? Anthos is an integrated platform. GKE, GKE On-Prem, Istio and Anthos Config Management are the core building blocks of Anthos. It is integrated with Stackdriver and GCP Marketplace for rapid application development and has adapters to connect with existing or Googles CI-CD toolsets for automated rapid build and infrastructure deployment.

Anthos is an enabler in your app modernization roadmap. If your organization’s applications stack is a distributed monolith and you are on your path to adopting microservices architecture, Anthos components can not only manage the on-prem containerized microservices but can scale them out in a hybrid environment or a multi-cloud setup in a unified, consistent single pane of glass.

Anthos is a right step towards building Multi-Cloud ecosystem. Applications need the scale to grow. App modernization is breaking apps into containerized microservices to enable scale and abstract infrastructure porting. Anthos is an integrated platform that provides this multi-cloud hybrid ecosystem with necessary tools to develop, build and deploy applications in a unified, consistent and reliable fashion. Anthos promises applications simpler to operate, secure and modernize where you can truly “Write once, and run it anywhere”. As the developer community looks deeper into the platform, the platform in itself will proliferate through partnerships, mature and serve broader business needs. You can learn more about Anthos here.

We at Perficient are taking a deeper look at this platform and will continue to share our findings and best practices soon.

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