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[Guide] Top 5 Digital Health Trends for Providers – The Challenge

This blog series highlights the top five digital health trends for providers. This post looks at the challenges providers face.

Healthcare continues to face fundamental disruption as the industry navigates an uncertain path toward value and outcome-based care. Achieving the goals of these models requires the adoption of novel processes, tools, and technologies, all of which can be risky to execute. At the same time, patients are demanding more control over their healthcare and that they receive high-quality, affordable, accessible, and personalized care. Providers emerging from the path to value-based care and healthcare consumerism face challenges in three major domains: engagement, delivery, and insight.

With that in mind, this guide looks at five key and interrelated digital health trends impacting healthcare providers. Understanding these trends will help you navigate technology investments and transform data into powerful knowledge that can both enhance the patient experience and position your organization as a leader in next generation digital health.

Each of these trends also reflects the steady maturation of digital in the healthcare domain, as well as a growing comfort with more rapid evolution from experimentation to scale. The outlook for the continued beneficial impact of digital on patients and providers of emergent and established health technologies is undoubtedly positive.

However, the sheer breadth of capabilities that are becoming available to providers—in experience platforms, in analytics, in the delivery of digital care—often overwhelms traditional governance structures and operating models. The industry has, of course, responded, often by bringing in experience from outside of healthcare, where executives have seen the latter stages of this movie play out already. That will not be enough.

These five trends illustrate that there is still much work to do, but also that great opportunity awaits.

To learn more about the top five digital health trends for providers, you can click here or download the guide below.

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