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3 Ways Self-service Communities Bring In Profit Past Support

Self-service communities open the Salesforce platform up as a place to do business with your customers, past just providing support.

empty call center perficientSaving Human Agent Time = Saving Company Money

Implementing a self-service community is an easy recommendation when customer have questions like, “How do I reduce support or call center costs?” or “I’m concerned about agent productivity; how do I scale my service operation without raising headcount?” Salesforce Community Cloud is a no-brainer solution in cases like these.

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While self-service support is typically the top reason why companies set up a community, there’s actually more beyond the capabilities of the typical support-based interactions like surfacing knowledge articles and setting up cases.

Communities actually enable you to expand into other areas to grow your brand.

3 Ways to Build Profit from Self-Service Communities Past Simply Answering Questions

upsell online salesforce community1. Discover and Purchase New Products

While customers might initially come to your community for answers to questions or for product research, it’s also an opportunity to help them discover new products and purchase directly within the community. Can someone say, “Upsell potential?”

2. Pay Bills and Book Appointments

What about if you are a service-based company? A community is a place for customers to spend more money! The opportunity to book appointments, pay bills, and browse complementary services can directly add to the revenue your business sees.

loyal customers perficient3. Stay Competitive and Earn Customer Loyalty

Staying competitive in an ever-changing landscape means you have to be flexible and nimble, and Salesforce Community Cloud grows with your business instead of stifling it.

By offering the same level of service and support through a community as your competitors, you reduce the risk of losing prized customers to your opponents. Additionally, if you have a community and your competitor doesn’t, you are automatically five steps ahead. Tip: Use CSAT scores to provide insight for comparison.

Not So Fast…

Before the next phases of community adoption can occur, the most urgent needs still must be met first when considering a customer’s reason for visiting a community in the first place. That means giving them the answers they want or need, and fast.

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes. If you don’t provide enough information to live up to their baseline expectations, you will lose them before they can even get started.

Investing in resources like self-service communities that digitally transform customer care will provide a competitive advantage for your organization. Learn more in our guide, Top Technology Trends for Smarter, Strategic Customer Care.

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