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Salesforce Employee Community Builds Culture for SSA Marine

Building Culture Through an Employee Community

SSA Marine, a wholly owned subsidiary of Carrix, Inc., operates more cargo terminals than any other company in the world.

As Carrix was seeking to modernize their operation, they knew investing in technology would set them up for the best long-term success.

Credit: SSA Marine

After a successful Sales Cloud implementation with Perficient, they needed a networking platform that enhanced the Carrix employee experience, while continuing to be mindful of employee privacy.

The Carrix Employee Portal Built on Salesforce Community Cloud

Perficient built the Carrix Employee Portal, a gateway to tools and information available through the enterprise intranet on Salesforce Community Cloud.

Users now have a feed of announcements, corporate and company alerts and news, a glossary of industry terms, blogs, and platform help with first-tier and second-tier user assistance if there is a problem.

Built for Collaboration

For a company with 3,500 employees, the community users now have a sense of connection and avoid silos, which is important to maintaining a positive team morale.

Chatter crumbled siloed conversations and let collaboration begin immediately. As soon as the community launched, employees started adding posts about company picnics and different events, proving there was a need for this information for employees.

Built for Security

Library security and public groups made certain secure content is only delivered to selective audiences.

For example, HR employees now save time and provide up-to-date, consistent messaging regarding 401k, benefits, contact information, and more.

User Personalization

Because there are different users that need different information, four separate home pages reflect unique messages, data, news, and other information that is more relevant to certain groups than others.

Already, this multi-lingual community has also been translated to Spanish with plans to roll out internationally in the future.

Additionally, based on user location, information unique to their office is set to display to them.

Easy to Use Anywhere

atlas-ball-shaped-business-269633By using SSO with Active Directory, users can easily and securely gain login access from anywhere in the world.

Insights into Use

Community Dashboards and Reports give Admins insight into how users engage with the community, which helps guide the company on the best ways to connect with their workers.

With their new Salesforce community, Carrix employees now have a better connection to the company, other employees, and the support and information they need to do their job.

BONUS: Is your company ready for a community? Here are five questions to ask first.

Like Carrix, we help companies eliminate one-way, portal-centric conversations with employees into the future with a socially engaging model. This guide below is a good source of information to learn more about building an employee community on Salesforce Community Cloud.

Want more? Check out this other Salesforce guide below. Let us know your questions in the comments.

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