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Enterprise Connect 2019 – View from the Booth

Twilio Owl

Last week I had the opportunity to attend Enterprise Connect in Orlando, Florida. I was an agent at the Live Contact Center Experience in the Twilio booth.  My team was responsible for creating that demo experience for Twilio. We did some impromptu training of managers and sales engineering staff before the masses entered at 3PM on Monday.  With the help of the team back at home, our sales staff, and the many Twilions, we were able to drive a compelling story around a cloud-based contact center built with Twilio Flex.  Maybe the chance at winning cool swag helped, just a bit.

Live Contact Center Experience

To participate in the experience a customer could either SMS, WhatsApp, or Voice to connect with a provided phone number.  The customer connects to an interactive quiz IVR.  After that, they would be placed into a queue to be picked up by a Flex agent.  The agent would do a small interaction with the customer, perhaps tell them they won some cool swag or discuss quiz answers.  When the agent completes that interaction we send a followup SMS to the customer. The SMS includes an order ID, a picture their new swag, and tell them to pick up at the booth.  At some point later, the customer returns to the booth with their order ID and they get to interact with the agent to pick up their order.  The agent marks that order ID complete and a final customer satisfaction survey is sent to gather final thoughts.

To recap the demo consisted of:

  • An IVR to collect customer details
  • After the IVR the customer is transferred to a Flex Agent
  • We customized the agent experience by adding additional plugins
  • Followup SMS with order information
  • Final customer satisfaction survey after order pick up

Below are the final numbers for modalities and some minor metrics around quiz results, satisfaction surveys, and remaining swag.

Final metrics including quiz scores, survey scores, and remaining swag


We leveraged Twilio Studio to build out a simple IVR to gather the customer name and walk them through a simple quiz.  The quiz was about Twilio product offerings.  The answers could be found around the booth, in sessions, and if you asked nicely, most staff would take the time to talk you through it.  The quiz did offer a bonus question if the customer got the first three correct which entered them into a raffle on Wednesday.


On the Flex side of things we create plugins which provided:

  • Overall metrics
  • Quiz results during agent interactions
  • Order pickup
  • Raffle winner picker

The biggest draw was seeing the agent experience.

Twilio Flex Agent interaction with SMS customer The plugin helped the agent see all the pertinent data about the customer and their quiz interaction.  We would know which questions were wrong and what swag the customer had won.  During the expo hall hours we had two monitors dedicated to the agent experience and a third monitor showing the live metrics.

Additional Plumbing

We additionally had Twilio Functions and Dynamo tables to manage tracking our customers and their quiz scores, swag orders, and raffle winners.  When there is some piece of data or functionality you cannot achieve in Twilio Flex that functionality is one HTTP call away.

Final Thoughts

The Live Contact Center Experience was able to showcase a neat scenario for people interested in Twilio Flex.  Our demo put a small amount of customization on top of the default Twilio Flex install.  We look forward to the coming year as we see more customers getting their feet wet with Twilio and Flex and help them build their solutions.

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