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Observations: Day 1 of Adobe Summit

Jim Butz, Perficient MicroStrategy BI Expert

There is always so much incredible information to absorb during Adobe Summit. In this post, I’m going to share my  observations from Adobe Partner Day:

  1. Real Time Behavioral Tracking
  2. Synthetic Experiences

Real Time Behavioral Tracking

The Experience Platform attempts to bring marketing data to the center of experience management platforms in order to provide more connected touch points with customers. They are claiming it’s a CDP, but the demo we saw still exposed PII related data that may delay the launch of the platform.
Although still in beta, the engineers in the lab that I attended, showed the connected tissue (code) that stitched together the 1st party profile data of a customer and that same customer’s behavioral data, which was captured from Adobe Analytic. They then proceeded to show how that same data was sent to the Experience Platform in real time, something that hadn’t been done before, without the involvement of the partner community.
Real time interactions in second are now plausible; however, no one in the audience applauded. And although I was not entirely surprised by this reaction, it was interesting. I think it proved that this generation of marketers has greater expectations for Adobe to deliver on their promises.

Synthetic Experiences

Synthetic Experiences are experiences created without the use of actual photographers but with digital creative tools, like Photoshop. Unfortunately, these experiences will undoubtedly reduce an already struggling professional photography community.
Content proliferation is also a problem, as it’s vastly becoming a struggle amongst enterprises. Add on the advent of Synthetic Experiences, and you’ve tripled the problem.
This is not a problem to be taken lightly and will require a more pro-active approach. But not all hope is lost. While there will be consequences to rise of Synthetic Experiences, careful planning and forward thinking can minimize any potential negative impact.
Stay tuned for more exciting takeaways from Adobe Summit as I continue to navigate this exciting event. In the meantime follow us on Twitter @Perficient to stay up to date on what’s happening!

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