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Governance in Healthcare: The New Healthcare Imperative

Governance forms the framework for information, content, and knowledge management to operate. Establishing clear, common, and consistent models in healthcare upon which to ground governance components provides a solid foundation executing the management activities that enforce these governance requirements.

This ensures the consistency and relevancy of the information for the business – the ultimate goal of any enterprise governance program.

Information and data governance, and content and knowledge governance, are quickly becomingimperative for a healthcare industry that is both seeking to capitalize on the value of its assets, and that is committed to ensuring the reliability and integrity of these assets when used to improve care quality, operations, financial performance, or patient/member experience.

After all, trust in health information, an omnichannel driven patient/member experience, and high-quality patient care depend on it.

This blog was co-authored by Mark Steinbacher and Priyal Patel.

To learn more about the rebirth of governance in healthcare, and exploring the trends and impact on patients and organizational operations, you can download the guide below.

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