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Deliver 360 Marketing with Adobe Experience Cloud

Abhay Parasnis Mainstage 1

Adam Houston, VP of Multichannel Marketing for Takeda Pharmaceuticals, spoke today at Adobe Summit on how he is delivering on 360 marketing by optimizing the traditional path to market with a three-year roadmap.  The roadmap delivers 360-degree customer views, a unified technology ecosystem, and a cost-efficient, scalable operating model.
The pharma space is complicated with increasing customer expectations, changing regulations, and dynamic relationships with providers and payers.  This complex industry paired with the companies robust nature makes Takeda’s approach all the more impressive.

So what enables their 360 marketing?

Here are the key areas that they built-out to enable their 360 Marketing:

  • Establish cross-segment plans, including customer journey analysis
  • Drive multichannel engagement, including personal and non-personal channels with Adobe Experience Cloud
  • Streamline content management with an innovative approach to MLR and Adobe Experience Manager-Veeva integration
  • Integrate dashboards, predictive analytics, and machine learning to optimize ROI
  • Establish a center of excellence that provides shared services, brand specialization, and personalization at scale

When it came time to choosing tools with which to implement this vision, they chose multiple tools, including the ones pictured here. As I mentioned in a recent blog post about our Customer Experience Capabilities Model, no software platform delivers all the capabilities we need across the CX landscape, so its common to see a mix of systems like this.
Takeda Tech Stack
One of the key areas that pharmaceuticals and other healthcare companies have to deal with is MLR (Medical, Legal, and Regulatory) reviews.  Any content change typically requires MLR approval.
Takeda took an approach using Adobe Experience Cloud that let them build content and template fragments that get combined MLR approval.  These fragments, which include the content and experience, can then be reused without going through MLR all over again.
Stay tuned for more exciting takeaways from Adobe Summit. In the meantime follow us on Twitter @Perficient to stay up to date on what’s happening!

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