Governance in Healthcare: A Growing Need for Reference Mode

Acceptability Equals Mobility

Of all the governance trends, none is more foundational and critical to the success of the governance program – indeed the organization itself – than the need for accurate, consistent, and relevant models that communicate the meaning, use, and residency of the assets of the enterprise.

Modeling not only addresses the integration and ingestion of assets across and between information systems, but also aids in communication both within a healthcare organization as well as in the organization’s interactions with patients, members, providers, partners, vendors, and consumers. The models provide a consistent basis for understanding and minimize miscommunications, thereby increasing organizational efficiencies.

Governance programs are adopting not just the classic business glossary, but information reference models that provide the necessary context for the information, content, or knowledge across business units, technologies, applications, and personnel changes. Governance is becoming the keeper of this common language in order to ensure the associated rules, policies, controls, decision rights, and processes defined to govern the information are both understandable and enforceable regardless of the area of the organization impacted.

This trend is further evidenced in the evolution of the relatively new application space of governance stewardship applications. These products place a great deal of emphasis upon the value of this common understanding and provide features and capabilities that enable a governance program’s ability to maintain, apply, and socialize these models.

This blog was co-authored by Mark Steinbacher and Priyal Patel.

To learn more about the rebirth of governance in healthcare, and exploring the trends and impact on patients and organizational operations, you can download the guide below.

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