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Why Social Media Builds Your Brand SEO – Here’s Why #205

Mark Traphagen and Eric Enge on Social Media Builds Your Brand SEO

Can the way people talk about your brand online actually affects the things Google will rank you for?

In this episode of the award-winning Here’s Why digital marketing video series, Mark Traphagen explains how Google might use mentions of your brand in social media to discover more of what your brand is about.

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Eric: Mark, there’s little doubt that social media is a great way to increase awareness for your brand, but can that have an effect on your SEO?
Mark: It’s tough to say for sure, but there’s some good hints it might.

You did an onstage keynote with Gary Illyes of Google at Pubcon. I remember he said two ways that brand mentions might be used by Google.
One of those was it could alert Google that the brand is an entity worth paying attention to. But it could also help Google know what you should rank for; maybe things that you’re not currently ranking for. If a lot of people are talking about you for that thing, maybe that’s something Google should be looking for.

Eric: Did you just say that mentions of your brand on social media can help you rank higher?

Mark: No, I didn’t say that. And the distinction is subtle but important. Let’s get the exact quote here from Gary Illyes.

The context in which you engage online and how people talk about you online, actually can impact what you rank for.

What you rank for.” Notice that’s the word, not how high you rank. So Google may use the context of online mentions to discover things you should have a shot at ranking for that you currently don’t, as I said.

Eric: So, what can you do then as a brand to take advantage of this?

Mark: First, I would build a real audience of true brand fans. You want to cultivate the people who are going to talk about you in the ways that you want them to, the positive ways that will give Google those clues.

Then fan the flames of that audience. Create conversations. Keep them going. And then create and promote content that comprehensively covers what your brand is about. Give Google every possible clue who you are, what you should rank for.

Eric: Thanks, Mark. This is part two of a three-part series on social media and SEO. Watch for the other two episodes to learn more.

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Thoughts on “Why Social Media Builds Your Brand SEO – Here’s Why #205”

  1. Thank for giving us these wonder full tips for boosting our traffic and seo.I am really excited, what can i do with your tips and boost our rank and traffic and growing business. Thank you sharing these digital marketing strategy .

  2. Social Media great & strong part for SEO, Which really helps with many ways in SEO.
    This video content is enough to understand, How Social Media effective and important for SEO.

  3. Hi, your article helps me alot to understand social media design concepts. I myself started a small virtual design company. I cannot explain how much you helped me to grow. Thank you for your guide

  4. Very useful information. I have seen many people running their brands and sites with social media, without spending money on other SEO techniques.

  5. Thanks for this article, it’s a very interesting point of view. How do you think a new company can benefit from socials? How you know, a new company don’t have followers, connection, don’t have a mass impact..

  6. Thank you, for the information you provide, I really like the video. It help me a lot to understand the role of social media in SEO. But I have a confusion, which social media platform is most effective?

  7. Social media campaigns are becoming a vital part of a successful SEO strategy, a strong social campaign can greatly increase your search rankings and increase awareness of your brand or website content.

  8. I don’t know where you’re getting your data, yet great theme. I needs to invest some energy adapting substantially more or seeing more. A debt of gratitude is in order for awesome data I was searching for this information for my central goal.

  9. Nice article and interesting topic. I was at a conference last year and heard Neil Patel share a case study he had been running on brand searches. He shared how he was hiring people with large social media followings to hold a sign with his name on it or something like “Who is Neil Patel.” This caused people to Google his name. He said that during each campaign like this he ran, there were huge boosts in direct brand searches for “Neil Patel” and during those times it would actually boost his overall rankings for unrelated search terms to his brand and help his blog posts rank higher.
    Your article makes me think there’s a possible correlation between when people talk about your brand on social media, others will be more likely to search for you on Google and create attention to your website which Google looks at as a positive ranking signal.

  10. I wonder to what extent google can figure out when someone is talking about you. Obviously on your page, and when there is a link to your website, but can they also figure it out in some cases, just by people mentioning the name of the brand?

  11. It’s fair to say that social media isn’t an SEO silver bullet; you can’t use it as a rankings shortcut. But there’s no doubt that social plays a significant role in your overall SEO performance. The more organic, useful, engaging and sharable your content, the more SEO rewards you’ll reap.

  12. Hey there,
    Social media is a great tool to build a brand today.
    A good way to achieve faster results and amplify your social media branding efforts is to build relationships with influencers.
    Thanks for writing this content…

  13. Social media is a powerful medium which boosts the overall Seo Performance. Very useful article shared to make the rankings more effective.

  14. Nowdays social media is a big part of companies seo strategy. Social signals are really important for google rankings. Great article

  15. Social Media is really helping to gain authority of the website and they are very successful strategy one should take into consideration while doing seo

  16. Thank you for the helpful video. Social media directly don’t effect SEO rankings but they help you in creating a brand which can bring a good amount of traffic.

  17. Social Media Campaigning are really helpful in brand marketing. Yes through Brand Awareness, SEO can be benefited. Thank you for sharing this information. Keep Sharing.

  18. Social media marketing plays a vital role in brand building. Branding helps in SEO. If more people are coming to your website by brand name search then it will improve your other seaches clicks also

  19. Building a real audience of brand fans and creating content that comprehensively covers your brand. Social media is not an SEO silver bullet, but it can play a significant role in your overall SEO performance.

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