Get Prepared with Salesforce Release Readiness Essentials

Understanding Salesforce Release Management

With Salesforce, your team needs to prepare for release management.

Release Management is the planning, scheduling, coordinating, and overseeing releases and infrastructure changes meant to optimize their efficiency and quality while meeting the demands of rapid growth.

“Think of organizational change management as the captain of the ship, setting the course and keeping the big picture in mind,” explains Perficient’s Senior Solutions Architect for Salesforce, David Schild. “Release management is like the sailors cleaning the decks and checking the sales, making the ship run by only focusing on the task in front of them.”

Release management is the operational process of implementing the technology changes and requires its own strategy that should be built to evolve over time. As your Salesforce instance becomes more integrated with other components within your IT environment, it’s important to understand how any changes might affect you.


How Salesforce Releases Work

Credit: Salesforce

Releases typically fall into one of the following categories:

  1. Daily: for minor bugs and simple changes not needing formal release management
  2. Minor: changes with limited impact that still require testing and limited training and change management
  3. Major: like Salesforce’s big changes three times a year that require more attention.


Salesforce Release Readiness Tools

Make sure to also check blogs like this one to learn what our Salesforce experts highlight as the releases come out. We curate the Release Notes to get you the best information first.


Create Your Own Salesforce Release Management Strategy

Have you navigated through a Salesforce release yet? What did you think? Were you prepared? Did you even notice? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us at @Perficient.

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