51% of B2B Sellers Are Seeing Low eCommerce Sales – How to Fix It

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B2BecNews recently published survey results indicating that for more than half of B2B sellers, eCommerce efforts are bringing in 10 percent or less of their total sales. Senior commerce consultant Karie Daudt, who recently joined Perficient Digital after serving as VP of Marketing & Customer Experience for Insite Software, weighed in on the causes of this low eCommerce adoption in a post written for B2B E-Commerce World, part of Digital Commerce 360.
In the post, Karie lent insight on why so many B2B sellers struggle with developing eCommerce into a major part of their revenue streams.

“A lot of companies in the B2B space begin an eCommerce initiative focusing on their existing customers. It’s very common for B2B companies to start there, and I believe that is probably responsible for a portion of the companies that fall within that 51.4%—it’s just the stage they‘re at within their digital transformation journey.”

Beyond these sellers that are just getting started with eCommerce, Karie explained that many B2B companies are struggling to grow their digital commerce capabilities to focus on both engaging new customers and driving cross-selling and upselling opportunities for returning customers.
She also outlined three ways B2B sellers can increase customer adoption and drive sales through their eCommerce channels, including.

  1. Making eCommerce a strategic priority within the organization
  2. Engaging the sales team to support and advocate for digital commerce
  3. Finding the eCommerce technology that fits the organization’s needs

“eCommerce is a major investment and should be yielding a much higher return than 10% of your revenue,” Karie emphasized.
For more information on each of Karie’s recommendations, visit DigitalCommerce360.com to read the full article.
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