Top Salesforce Lightning Features & Why They Matter

New to using Salesforce? Or wondering what the Lightning experience is all about? Here are three reasons to take a closer look:

1. Customizable Home Pages

One of the top features of Lightning is Customizable Home Pages. By simply going to Setup > Lightning App Builder > New > Select Homepage >, a user can drag and drop standard Lightning components onto the page in the preferred format.

If you ever used Salesforce Classic, you may recall that a user had several limitations regarding the ease of personalizing the experience on the homepage. To move a section such as today’s tasks, it was necessary to write code or use Visualforce to make that happen.

  • Personalized experiences: Admins have an easier path to simplifying the user’s experience. They can create a custom home page for their sales team, one for the marketing team and another for customer service representatives. Once the pages are created, they can simply assign the pages to different profiles.
  • More relevant information: To make work easier for your employees or co-workers, you can make sure they only see information that’s relevant to the tasks they need to carry out each day. Customizable Home Pages allows you to do this with point-and-click functionality.

2. Lightning Console Apps

Lightning Console Apps were designed to improve productivity and efficiency. You can use out-of-the-box apps or create a custom app to meet the needs of your users. Many admins are working on multiple tasks at the same time. With Console Apps, you can work with multiple records at the same time – all while aligning your workspace to reach maximum efficiency.

A key benefit of Console Apps is that users’ workspace is automatically saved, so if the user leaves the page and comes back, their work will be as they left it. Compared to Salesforce Classic, there is also no longer the need to open several browser tabs, since you can now view all of your relevant work on one screen.

Another useful feature of Console Apps is the utility bar. You can keep links to ‘Notes’, ‘History’ and ‘Macros’ all one click away, rather than leaving the screen or opening another tab. When the user clicks on one of these items, a window pops up on the same screen, maximizing efficiency.

3. Einstein

There are several key features within Sales Cloud Einstein. Here is a couple of my favorites:

Einstein Lead Scoring: One of the biggest challenges with converting leads is how to know what leads a user should be working on. Not all leads are created equally, but with Einstein, Predictive Lead Scoring can make those decisions for you. This helps each user spend their time wisely to create the best opportunities for their companies and make sure they are working on the largest value leads first.

Tip: Existing Salesforce data is critical in the success of Einstein. Salesforce recommends having 1000 + leads created in the last six months and at least 120 converted into opportunities before Einstein can be most effective.

Activity Capture: Users can connect their email and calendars to Salesforce Inbox and have emails and events automatically added to existing records. This is an incredible time-saver and takes the manual work out of the equation.

Maximize collaboration by easily updating your sharing settings so the right people are engaged and have access to the activity. Each user can customize sharing settings between Private, Everyone or a Group.

Note: Currently Activity Capture is only supported with Office 365 or Gmail.

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