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TechTarget Discusses AI Traction in Healthcare with Perficient

TechTarget recently featured two Perficient Chief Strategists in an article that discusses the momentum of AI in healthcare. The article highlights perspectives on how AI automation can enhance and expedite healthcare processes while holding to an elevated standard of care. Below are a few highlights from the full article.

AI technology offers exciting potential for Payers and Providers
Christine Livingston, AI Director and Chief Strategist, PerficientChristine Livingston, AI Chief Strategist at Perficient, explains why Perficient is well-positioned to help clients leverage AI. According to Christine, Perficient first became interested in exploring AI opportunities “because it’s a natural progression of our data and analytics capabilities.” Christine also highlighted that, for payers, “Some of the greatest opportunities are in robotic process automation…where we observe a user perform a task, and you provide automation in the user interface.” She also stated that on the healthcare provider side, “Automation can be used to perform mundane tasks like claims processing…”

Enhancing patient care with AI automation
Juliet Silver, Healthcare Chief Strategist at Perficient, reflected on a recent AI project with a healthcare provider that had a goal of improving patient care using cognitive technologies. “In order to provide enhanced patient care, it was critical to have an efficient method to surface patients that matched the target chronic obstructive pulmonary disease profile,” Juliet said. For this project, Perficient implemented an IBM Watson-based platform to surface symptom, disease, disorder, and relevant medication data that was unattainable from the structured data in its electronic health record. This allowed the healthcare provider to analyze unstructured patient information, ultimately transforming it into actionable data. The provider now has insight into previously unavailable patient care scenarios and clinical decision-making.

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