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Perficient Latin America’s Daily Standup with Oscar Sandoval

Perficient Latin America's Daily Standup With Oscar Sandoval

Perficient Latin America is a company that really cares about its people and its community, provisions us with all the tools we need to perform our tasks. And I especially enjoy being able to work in a multicultural team.

— Oscar Sandoval Morales, Project Manager at Perficient Latin America

Perficient Latin America is largely based in Colombia, but our team members come from all parts of Latin America. Our office in Mexico City is home to a team of highly talented employees that work in tandem with both our Colombian team and our clients to deliver world-class engineering solutions. We sat down with Oscar Sandoval, scrum master based in Mexico City, to discuss the nuances of transnational collaboration and working with a multicultural team.  

Oscar Sandoval, Project Manager at Perficient Latin America

How long have you been at Perficient Latin America?

I’ve been working at Perficient Latin America Mexico for a little over 3 years; 3 years and 1 month.  

What do you like the most about working at Perficient Latin America?

Perficient Latin America is a company that really cares about its people and its community. It provisions us with all the tools we need to perform our tasks, and I especially enjoy being able to work in a multicultural team.  

How does it differ from working at other companies?

Not all companies care for their people to the extent that Perficient Latin America does. I’ve known companies that start forgetting about their employees as they grow. Perficient Latin America tries to promote our well-being and encourages a work-life balance by organizing several activities outside work.

What would you say to someone that’s considering working at Perficient Latin America?

That they should venture to get to know a company with this kind of diversity, with several, very important clients, that provides ample opportunities for growth. Perficient Latin America motivates us to improve ourselves: in our language skills, our methodologies, especially agile methodology. This is something that allows us to grow continually and meet our clients’ expectations. 

What’s your favorite eating spot near the office?

We have several alternatives here, which is a great advantage. We have Mexican food, Argentinian, Japanese, Chinese, Brazilian; we have so much variety that it’s difficult to pick just one. So, there’s no favorite spot, there are many options. 

What are the qualities you value in your team members?

They’re very committed. They’re constantly trying to improve and better themselves, not just technically but personally as well. And they’re all willing to help. There’s not one teammate that just says, “Oh, well, my office hours are over so I’m leaving”. Instead, they make themselves available to help as long as it works towards our team meeting its objectives. 

What are your areas of expertise?

Well, I’m proficient with PMI methodologies, scrum and agile methodology. I also have experience as a developer. I started off my career coding, running tests and doing analysis until I reached the position I hold now, doing project management. I’m also knowledgeable about databases: Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, and technically, I’m most familiar with Microsoft and IBM products. 

Where did you learn about Scrum? Before or after Perficient Latin America?

In previous companies I had learned a little bit about Scrum, but it was a very superficial understanding of the methodology. Once I started working at Perficient Latin America, I gained a lot more knowledge and experience, which allowed me to get certified as Scrum Master. 

Anything else you’d like to add?

I’d invite people to get to know Perficient Latin America. It’s a very interesting company, and it’s always looking to add more and better collaborators, so it can continue growing as a company. This way, we can continue to gain recognition among our clients as a company that knows how to run its processes properly and that’s made up of very capable and very professional individuals. 

Does Perficient Latin America sound like a good fit for you? Check out our job opportunities!

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