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Cloud PPM Expenditure Type Setup via Spreadsheet

When uploading expenditure types using the Rapid Install spreadsheet I came across a few things that weren’t clearly documented.
1. If an expenditure type requires multiple Expenditure Type Classes be aware that you can upload only ONE unique expenditure type at a time. For example, the Expenditure Type “Hourly Labor” requires Straight time and Overtime type classes. Upload Hourly Labor with either Straight time or Overtime type class. Once this is in the system successfully, upload it a second time with remaining of the 2 type classes.
a. Notable Details:
 Type Class selections are included in the spreadsheet
 Choices are Non-labor, Straight Time Labor and Overtime Labor
 Non-labor will “assume” all non-labor type classes and assign these to the uploaded expenditure type
 Straight Time Labor will, expectedly, “assume” Straight Time type class
 Overtime Labor will, expectedly, “assume” Overtime type class

  1. Unlike the Type Class column, you can load a UOM for any UOM defined in the system, but, syntax must be exactly as in system. The spreadsheet downloads with Units and Currency in the LOV.

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