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Trends in Oil, Gas, and Mining: A Look Back—and Ahead

Every day, we sit at our computers and read the constant flow of headlines that cross the wires. In our meetings, we hear about our competitors, from what they are working on to how they are getting it done.

It is these stories that drive organizations to innovate and perform better. It is these conversations that create change, build great customer experiences, and forge lasting relationships.

In this collection, we look at key trends in the oil, gas, and mining industry and offer specific insights into:

  • Market Forces
  • Digital Experience
  • Business Optimization
  • Emerging Technologies

Below are a few key trends in the oil, gas, and mining industry:

  • ExxonMobil says it differentiated its brand by creating a seamless nationwide digital experience for customers. ZDNet
  • Manual, repeatable tasks that call for the same action to be carried out over and over with unerring accuracy and minimal variation – those will always be better handled by machines. Rigzone
  • Ashok Belani, EVP technology at Schlumberger, said that the pace of digital transformation is very slow and one consequence of that is that the bright Millennials are not attracted to seek employment within the industry. Forbes
  • Building cognitive advisors that can consume structured and unstructured data compiled by experts that may have long since retired, can enable the new generations to accelerate their experience and help ensure safety. Forbes
  • Oil and gas companies need to look through their customer journey to identify the points that could create the most friction for a customer, and then implement the correct digital technologies to reduce friction and meet the needs of the customer. Energy, Oil, & Gas Magazine

It’s hoped that the trends and statistics presented will inspire and motivate you on your quest to become or remain an industry leader.

You can download the oil, gas, and mining trends guide below.

Thoughts on “Trends in Oil, Gas, and Mining: A Look Back—and Ahead”

  1. Kudos for putting together such a comprehensive and insightful article! It’s fascinating to take a step back and see the trends in the oil, gas, and mining industries laid out like this. Your historical overview provides valuable context for understanding where these industries have come from and where they might be headed. I really appreciate how you’ve highlighted the shift towards sustainability and innovation – it’s inspiring to see these sectors embracing positive change. Your forward-looking analysis is a great resource for anyone wanting to stay informed about the future of these critical industries. Thanks for sharing your expertise and keeping us all in the loop. Looking forward to more engaging content like this!

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