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Finding Solutions Together; Q&A with Our Digital Chief Strategist

Launched in 2018, our Chief Strategist program is a way for leading subject matter experts across Perficient and Perficient Digital to elevate client conversations – using their insights and vision to help our clients stay ahead of their competition. Digital Chief Strategist badge
Jim Hertzfeld, our Chief Strategist over Digital, recently shared his thoughts on the program and the benefits it provides for clients.

“One of the things I admire about our Chief Strategist program is that it acknowledges our clients’ complex problems. Solving them requires different perspectives…. Our Chief Strategist program provides the diverse perspectives to build greater empathy with our clients, and, more importantly, with our clients’ customers.”

He cited his recent collaboration with AI Chief Strategist Christine Livingston, which included contributing to an eMarketer report, as a great example of combining areas of expertise to create solutions.

“There’s a lot of information available about artificial intelligence (AI), especially around the topics of algorithms, big data, and machine learning. But there is little discussion around the intersection of AI and customer experience. Our clients understand the importance of having an AI strategy, but they aren’t sure where to begin. We’re moving quickly to find a way to do that, which is a great way to blend these different perspectives.”

Jim also provided insight on the methods he uses to solve clients’ digital and experience-related challenges, which include spending a lot of time listening and understanding clients’ customers.

“What moves them? What do they want? Why do they behave the way they do? … By deeply understanding our clients, their customers, and their challenges, we can prioritize these insights and make practical, pragmatic recommendations. Listening, observing, and having the patience to do that is important. Our clients value that as much as wanting to know, “What are the good ideas?”

To learn more about how Jim and his team find creative, strategy-driven solutions to help clients connect with their customers, as well as how that passion extends into his personal hobbies, read the complete interview.
For more information about the Chief Strategists program, and to learn about our other Chief Strategists, visit

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