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FCCS: Locking Data

It is always a good idea to lock data after completing period end-processing tasks.

In HFM, we create the status grid that we use to lock or unlock data for the period and entity hierarchy intersections.

The procedure to lock data in FCCS is different as follows:

  1. In Manage Approvals we need to make sure that, the Plan Cycle has been “started” for the Entity hierarchy that we want to lock. For example, “Start” has been selected for FCCS_Total Geography and Approvals Status = Unlocked as shown below. Note that FCCS_Global Assumptions cannot be locked since its approval status = Not Started.
  2. From Home Page, we open Approvals to display the Entity Hierarchy whose data we intend to lock. As example below, note that the parent entity FCCS_Total Geography is Unlocked. We open it up and select Change Status to Lock
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Like in HFM, we have general rules like:

  1. Calculation Status must be OK. If it indicates “Impacted” it is not possible to lock the data
  2. If a child entity has “Impacted” status, its parent shall also have the same status
  3. We can lock a period if the previous period is locked
  4. We can unlock a period if the succeeding periods are unlocked
  5. Make sure Consolidation and Translation have been launched for current and previous periods.

In an example below, we can lock February but we cannot lock March because its status = Impacted. Data changed for one of its children, India.

In the above situation, we need to launch Consolidation and Translation to change the status from Impacted to OK.

The concept of locking data in FCCS is similar to HFM but the procedures are different

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