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Artificial intelligence (AI) has grown from the stuff of science fiction to a leading force in the world of technology, changing the way organizations in every industry are getting things done. With so many businesses looking to understand and effectively implement AI technology in their processes, it’s not surprising that some do’s and don’ts have emerged. eMarketer recently outlined five AI best practices for marketing and technology professionals in its recent report, Getting Smart About Artificial IntelligencePerficient Chief Strategist badge
Two of Perficient’s leading subject-matter experts weighed in on the topic for the report, which combines insights and recommendations from experts across the industry with quantitative data eMarketer has gathered on the subject of AI. Christine Livingston, Perficient’s AI Chief Strategist and director of the AI Center of Excellence, explained the importance of approaching AI initiatives with realistic timelines and expectations.

“One of the most common things we see people doing is trying to take on too much in their first implementation or their first phase. They’re looking at the holistic problem and trying to address it beginning to end. But we encourage them break it down into digestible pieces.”

Jim Hertzfeld, Digital Chief Strategist and principal of Perficient Digital’s Strategy & Innovation team, agreed with the need for an iterative approach.

“There’s a phrase, ‘Think big, start small, act fast,’ and there’s a good start in using the data you have. The value curve is very steep at the beginning, so you don’t have to do much to make a big impact.”

Livingston also explained the role that partners like Perficient play in helping organizations effectively plan and implement their AI strategies. “We help identify when it makes sense to use AI, if we should be training our own model or working with another provider, and where the data lives,” she said.
Learn more about AI from our Chief Strategists and the other industry experts by viewing the full report.
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