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Perficient and Pivotal Team Up to Talk Middleware Modernization

Accelerate business innovation with application modernization.

To keep your business ahead of the game you need to enable both developer productivity and operational efficiency. However, your current middleware platform may be costing you more than you think. If it’s not designed to support high-velocity software releases and frequent iteration of applications, it’s time to think about modernization options.

Perficient’s Director of Cloud Strategy, Joel Thimsen, discussed these options with Rohit Kelapure, one of Pivotal’s Principal Solution Architects, as well as the limitations of traditional middleware, the benefits of middleware modernization, and tips for overcoming some common challenges in the process during their webinar, “Why Your Digital Transformation Strategy Demands Middleware Modernization”. If you missed this webinar – no worries! We’re recapping 3 takeaways from the presentation today on the blog:

  1. Middleware isn’t going anywhere. Although, digital business disruption has changed the application platform and integration market, it doesn’t necessarily mean middleware will be irrelevant. It just means at the end of the day, Middleware must shift to support digital value at scale, and we can see that in the growing trends (iPaaS, aPaaS, API Management, Complex Event Processing, etc) in today’s digital landscape. These trends show a shift towards a lightweight cloud-native profile, with open source leading the way.
  2. Why is my current middleware platform an issue, and why should we change? There is a large dependency and culture on the manual activities and intervention in most middleware platforms today. Due to the complexity of many of these platforms, it makes it difficult to automate, and still requires a lot of investment to do so. So what’s the big deal? Going this route results in a waste of delivery process, lacks system efficiency, and causes difficulty in release to production to name a few.
  3. Is the road to modernization smooth? The short answer here is no. As Rohit describes, “it’s paved with challenges”. Some of these challenges include a lack of cloud skills themselves, internal resistance to a cloud-native approach, and legacy infrastructure integration issues. However, while there are some large obstacles you’ll face during your journey to a cloud-native profile, focusing on key people and culture items will allow your business to address these challenges, and begin the modernization that’s needed.

The above three takeaways are just the tip of the iceberg of valuable information that Rohit and Joel covered in the hour-long digital conversation. If you’re one of the many businesses looking to modernize their middleware, be sure to register for the presentation here to access the full webinar. You’ll also gain access to several supporting documents to begin your journey.

Keep up with the experts on social media:

  • Joel Thimsen, Director of Cloud Strategy, Perficient: @joelthimsen
  • Rohit Kelapure, Principal Solution Architect, Pivotal: @rkela

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