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Our Proven Recipe for Customer Community Success

The Best Communities Focus on Content and Design

computer customer community Content plays a foundational role in a community’s success. However, having helpful, easy-to-follow content available for your customer community means nothing unless users are able to find it, consume it, and understand it. That’s where the UI/UX design comes into play; when, where, and how they access that content is also just as important as the content created.

It’s no secret that having a customer community is the first step to case deflection, but did you know you could additionally use communities to aid in customer retention, gain the ability to cross- and up-sell, increase loyalty, and drive innovation?

We get to see several of those benefits first-hand in the Vlocity customer community Perficient built on the Salesforce Community Cloud platform.

Build a Successful Community With Engaging Content

Stewart Florsheim, VP of content enablement for industry-specific Salesforce-based applications leader, Vlocity, shares how Vlocity manages their internal content creation process for their new Salesforce customer community and Perficient’s UI/UX Salesforce solution architect, Andrew Smith, gives viewers an inside look at how the community was built to offer the premium user experience Vlocity required.

Learn more about the speakers here

Take a look as we explore content and design strategies for customer communities. 

View the webinar here

Learn more about Perficient’s experience with Salesforce Community Cloud

What ideas will you take from this and apply to your own community? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting @PRFTSalesforce.

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