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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Healthcare Marketers

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Healthcare marketers today have a lot on their plates. From juggling the demands of traditional community outreach and marketing to exploring ways to educate health consumers about the services your organization provides, the landscape can be rugged with no clear path to success. Further complicating matters, consumers today expect you to know them and offer personalized communications; by delivering the right message, at the right time, to the right consumer. In light of this reality, we cannot understate the importance of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Healthcare Marketers.

Insight and Research

In retrospect, we believe this may explain the recent explosion of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology within healthcare. According to research firm Statistics Market Research Consulting in their recent Healthcare CRM – Global Market Outlook (2017-2026) report, the global healthcare CRM market is expected to reach $28.89B by 2026. A key factor contributing to this growth is increased focus on patient engagement.

Certainly, key to that engagement is a robust email marketing strategy. Perhaps because email is still the most important tool healthcare marketers use to communicate with your community and consumers. Email allows you to reach your community at scale, easily share important announcements and content, and communicate and educate your community about the unique value of your services. When done properly, email can also offer personalized, one-on-one communication that your consumers will value.

In our experience, many health providers do not offer tools or even basic templates to help minimize the effort required for you to engage with your community. Most are also slow to adopt newer innovations in marketing automation, which offers tremendous benefits in audience segmentation, A/B testing of messaging and campaign management tools with email performance metrics.

Stay Tuned!

Over the coming weeks we will release a series of blogs highlighting the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing for healthcare marketers. In this blog series we will highlight five email marketing trends and best practices that, when leveraged with Dynamics 365 for Marketing, can help you improve consumer engagement, driving higher marketing ROI. Stay tuned for our first blog highlighting how Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing can help you with the basics of email marketing. Until then, you can visit here to learn how our clients are using Microsoft Dynamics 365 to accelerate their businesses.

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Brad Beumer, Director, Microsoft Dynamics 365

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